Commercialising Public Services

Against the backdrop of increasingly stretched resources, many authorities are looking to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to delivering services and raising income.  We are already working with a number of authorities who are pursuing this path as a means to improve resilience by generating additional funds to support the delivery of core service priorities.

The information below gives a brief overview of the services we have on offer. We have also produced an Commercialisation Offer brochure which provides information about our offer.  You can download it here.

The East of England LGA’s Talent Bank Commercial Support services focusses on delivery, skills development, commercial reality and success and cross learning.

What services can you access?

  • Moving from concept to reality
  • Establishing and supporting governance arrangements
  • Commercial skills development
  • Member awareness and culture change
  • Staff involvement and engagement
  • Authority and Commercial Company culture change
  • Trusted advisor/critical friend review
  • Senior management development
  • Start to finish practical support
  • Flexibility of Associate engagement
  • Linking and sharing with other commercial initiatives
  • Running a profitable commercial business
  • Business plan development, review and implementation

What are the benefits?

  • Affordable – keen rates for partner authorities
  • Practical, hands on, input and support
  • Up to date commercial acumen and practical knowledge
  • Proven track record
  • Different to other consultancies
  • The right associate for the right task
  • Ability to benefit from shared experiences

For an informal discussion about this or to use this service please get in touch with or 01284 758300.